While walking along the woods,
I stopped as I heard a thunder.
Soon the tiny droplets hit me on face
I quickened my steps till I floundered.
Deep in my heart, I was scared,
I ran and I ran hastily.
Looking back? I didn’t dare.
The wind seemed crazy and grass felt cold,
I picked up a howl from distance and I held
My breathe like a dead.
The noise seemed loud, scorned
While I scraped my arm against a hawthorn
A cold shriek jerked my soul.
I pushed away my tears
And got ahead in fears.
Soon I heard a pleasant voice,
And found my brother standing aside.
I got my breathe back
And felt an elation I believed I lacked.
I now know no matter how am scared
All I need is a companion who cared.



Copyright © absoluteshami, 2020.

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