Cloudy Night

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Roaring aloud in the midst of spark
They create a view of dark hell hole,
Passing the thunder along the sky,
These clouds tend to rock your soul.
Moon being aghast, cries behind the veil,
For it could neither rise high tonight,
Nor could it scatter light in the dale.

Stars seem unfazed with hurdles along the way,
Being so far, they take days to reach anyway.
While the thunder goes away,
The earth shakes and the leaves sway,
It rocks my heart in fear as if being strayed.

Unfaltered by the hymn, they cause around,
Clouds fly high and roar aloud,
Over the hills, and lakes, and ocean
Under the moon, stars and the sun.
They build, unbuild and change as it rains,
Never dying though, they arise and fly again.


Copyright © absoluteshami, 2020.

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