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On a crowded lane, I walked around in trance,
Watching people chatting in a sanguine stance.
The sun had already set in to the horizon,
The street lights then were glaring and the moon had risen.

With hands stuck up in their smart phones,
The herd seemed too busy to look beyond the flare.
Eyes swamped in haze, hearts put on guards,
They were driven by ambitions not caring to play fair.

Blood rushing through the veins as they kept running so fast,
Leaving behind, the lessons they learnt, in the past.
As their future appeared to dance in daze,
Their present came off as nothing but just full of craze.

Yet they went on pretending to care
On my face to grasp their hold.
While I kept the pretense of being happy,
Lurking back to my old abode.

No one can long hide behind a mask; the pretense soon lapses into the true character.

– Seneca the Younger

Copyright © absoluteshami, 2020.

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