A Tale of Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Rozy. She was a perfect example of a sad soul. With an ailing father and a tyrant step mother in the house, she had nothing to be glad about in her life. Everyday she would wake up early to do the household chores, failing which she might get scoldings from her step mother and spent the rest of the day in nursing her father. This was the entirety of her life since the day her father remarried after her mother’s sudden demise and then to add to her misery, he himself got into an accident that left him paralysed. Too sad about this monotony of gloomy life, she had no hope left for a better future.

One day, after completing her work, she went out of the house for a walk. While lingering around the greenary, she saw an old man wailing near the tree. She went up to him and asked, “Why are you crying grandfather?”

He replied, “I am tied to this tree and I wish to get free from here.”

That was when Rozy saw an iron chain tied around his ankle. She looked around a bit and found a sharp stone, using that she broke off the chain. Soon the frail old grandfather turned into a young man with a magnificent aura around him. Dressed in a black cloak, he looked like someone from another world. Little frightened with the scene infront of her, Rozy started to run away when that man called her from the back and said, “Stop! Don’t be afraid of me. I will do no harm to you.”

Still doubtful about the strange person, she asked him, “Who are you?”
He replied, “I am a Wizard from the west. Someone close to me tied me to this sacred tree but thanks to you i got freed again. I am grateful to you. Tell me how can I repay your kindness?”

Rozy said little hesitantly, “I want to free of my miseries. Make me forget all the sad memories of my life so that I can live happily.”

He looked bewildered ate her demand. Yet, being commited to his words,
he granted her wish and walked away along the dark lane.

Rozy went back into her house and slept thinking that the Wizad was a fake and nothing is going to change. Next day when she woke up, she forgot all the sad emotions that she ever felt in her entire life. She saw that her father had healed on his own and her mother was now behaving politely with her. Feeling grateful towards the wizard, she continued to do her daily chores.

Many days passed, Rozy got everthing she wanted. But, there was one thing she was confused about. Even though life was going as per her wishes but she wasn’t feeling happy. She did everthing, she felt, would make her happy, but, nothing changed. It seemed as if her heart had turned into a stone which wouldn’t get the feeling of joy and peace.

One day while returning back from the market, she again met the Wizard. Feeling glad to see the kind girl, the wizard went up to her and asked, “Hey! pretty girl. How is your life going on?”

She replied wistfully, “Everything is happening according to my wish, but still I am strangely not happy somehow?”

He said, “I expected this to happen when you told me your wish, but I didn’t want to disappoint you that’s why I granted your wish. You are not happy because you forgot all your painful memories. Now since you don’t know what sadness is, you will never know what happiness feels like. Happiness has no meaning without sadness.”

Finally understanding his words, she asked him to return back all her memories and went back to her home while promising herself that from then onwards she would find happiness in small things and would embrace joy by giving joy to others.

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Copyright © absoluteshami, 2020.

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