She Was Lonely

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She thought,
She said,
She was ridiculed.

She questioned,
Yet never earned the response.
She answered back,
And got smacked.

She hoped,
She got disappointments.
She trusted,
She was a fool.

She tried to run away
To a better place to stay,
She was brought back
To hell in spite.
No one was there whom
She could tell
The stories of her plight.

She was lonely,
She was tired.
One day, she thought to end
It for all,
For she believed,
She would never be spared.

She left.
She left and now,
They are crying,
They are mourning over what’s gone.
Now, they know that she would never come,
Now, they regret that they were so wrong.
No matter how much they cry,
Life will not return, once it says Goodbye.

I am a museum full of art but you had your eyes shut.

rupi kaur

Copyright Β© absoluteshami, 2020.

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